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Bridport – Home of ropes, nets, Broadchurch and Aroma!

As you would have had no wonder already have been told by many establishments, Bridport is most definitely situated on the stunning Jurassic Coast, in beautiful Dorset! But here are some facts that you may not have known were Bridport based! Please be aware we get all our knowledge from Wikipedia x

  • It was in the Bridport Community Orchard, whilst enjoying a take away locally squished apple juice from Aroma that Issac Newton became a scrumping cropper, getting a bump on his head from a locally sourced apple for the pleasure!
  • After all the kerfuffle of landing and walking on the moon, not many people remember the second line of Neil Armstrong’s famous speech ‘I can see Bridport from up here, ‘ere wazzat shop with the orange front on the high street?’
  •  Bridport is home to the oldest butcher on the planet, still trading after 500 years…the carnivore diet must have something going for it as he doesn’t look a day over 45.
  • During a visit to inspect the fleet and check out those canny rope makers, King George VI stopped the carriage and dashed into Aroma to grab a flat white for the coach journey home. Later it was documented that he said ‘….those lads deserve a bloomin knighthood, I was gaspin’!’
  • Local writer Thomas Hardy was often seen enjoying a proper Dorsetshire cream tea whilst leafing through the latest edition of the Marshwood, Aroma was his favourite haunt in a bid to escape the maddening crowd. Referenced on page 652 of his later work of a similar name.
  • Matthew Corbett and Sooty once visited Chard, but left it too late to pop into Bridport for an Aroma cake (as Sooty was a coeliac). Matthew felt terrible for his friend missing out, but Sooty never spoke of it again.


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  • Just Sayin’….

    Got word from that nice lot at Taste Of The West HQ…….

    ….We’ve only gone and done the double at Aroma Bridport – finalists two years running, fingers crossed this will be our year to be

    Best Cafe/Tea Room 2017

    (don’t worry we won’t let it go to our heads!)